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<aside> ❓ $\textsf{\textbf{Got Questions?}}$ Here are the ones I’ve heard the most often.


The Script

Hey Jane 👈 Manager's name

In the past 6 months, I've been doing my job by:

👆 Your role's main responsibilities. We're starting there to align on the baseline.

But, I've also started:

👆 Extra responsibilities that are not part of your role. This is your extra effort ➡️ creating more value ➡️ deserving a higher pay

This is closer to the grade of Software Architect. 👆 New role's name

What other areas should I improve to get this grade? 👆 Gather context

What are the company's current limitations for me getting the role right now? 👆 Hand them the sweetest answer: "None" ➡️🎉

If that's not currently possible, let's work out together what's missing. 👆 Get into a discussion

And then map this to a concrete timeline of when this new grade can happen. 👆 Make it clear & specific. Document this and hold your manager responsible.

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